We can deliver to locations within Maple Ridge.  If you live outside of Maple Ridge, we will have the garlic shipped to you, via Canada Post Regular Mail and payment method will be C.O.D. (cash on delivery).  We currently do not accept credit card payments.  At this time we do not deliver outside of Canada. We do not ship our garlic outside of B.C. If you are outside of BC, consider your carbon footprint, and support your local farmer if you can. 

  • Available Mid-June to Mid-July only​
  • ​$6.00/per LB
  • Cook like you would asparagus, chop and add to a stir-fry, chop finely and add to a dish/salad like you would a green onion, make a garlic pesto (see link to recipe under our "recipes & art" tab, or pickle them! (see links to recipes for pickled scapes under our "recipes & art" tab).

1) Red Russian Hardneck Garlic

  • Available Middle to end of October
  • The perfect edible, zero waste gift for a foodie friend.  Looks awesome hung in the kitchen and lasts for months.  Bonus... it keeps vampires away!
  • Price depends on the size of the braid.  We charge $1.50/per OZ of garlic + $5.00 to make the braid (usually around $24.00 for a standard 7 bulb braid).


  • Not available for 2023

2023 Garlic Prices

Our Naturally Grown, Gourmet Garlic

Gourmet Red Russian Garlic Tablestock Bulbs:

Gourmet Red Russian Garlic, Frozen Cloves:

Gourmet Red Russian Garlic, Tablestock, Pre-Cracked Cloves: 

Red Russian Garlic Rounds:

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  • Available mid-July as fresh (limited quantities) and the middle of September as cured
  • For consumption OR seedstock
  • $20.00/per LB (2" and smaller bulbs. Approx. 6-8 bulbs in 1 LB)​                                        

At  East Ridge Farms  we specialize in growing Gourmet Organic Garlic bulbs, umbels/bulbils and scapes.  We grow our garlic using organic practices in permanent raised bed rows... no herbicides, pesticides or chemical/synthetic fertilizers are ever used.  We amend our soil with things like compost, composted mushroom manure (from a local farm), bone meal, and/or seaweed depending on what our plants require.  Every aspect of growing our garlic, from cracking the bulbs to planting the cloves, weeding, harvesting, cleaning and curing the bulbs, is DONE BY HAND.  Due to the way we grow and store our garlic, our garlic has a very long shelf life... it tastes like its fresh out of the ground well into December and even January! It has been said by a few of our customers that our garlic is the best they've ever tasted!  Try some... you'll luv it!

How We Grow Our Gourmet Garlic

  • Available the middle of September  
  • For seed OR consumption
  • $25.00/per LB (min 2&1/4" bulbs, approx. 5 bulbs in 1 LB)
  • $5.00/per each XXL bulb (3")                                      

Hand Crafted, Red Russian Garlic Braids:

  • ​​Available the middle of December  
  • For consumption only
  • $16.00/per 1 LB bag
  • Keep frozen. To use, run clove under warm water for 30 secs, then peel and chop as usual. Flavor stays the same, texture gets a bit gummy when thawed.  Will last 1 year + in the freezer!   
  • Pick up from farmstand only. Can not be shipped.                              
  • Available End of August (Very limited supply available this year)
  • NOTE: Each Umbel contains 40-70 bulbils
  • $4.00/each
  • When eating, mince and add to soups, stews, stiri-frys and salads.  Flavor is milder when eaten fresh (right after harvested) and increases in intensity as the bulbils cure (4 weeks after harvest and beyond).

Red Russian Garlic Umbel/Bulbils: 

Gourmet Red Russian Garlic Seedstock Bulbs (min 2&1/4"): 

Red Russian Garlic Scapes: 

Varieties of Garlic Available in 2023

​Liability Statement

​Garlic bulbs and cloves are live products, and your success in growing our garlic depends on many factors including the weather and the skills and practices of the grower (such as soil preparation, proper planting technique, irrigation, crop rotation and weed control). These factors are completely out of the control of East Ridge Farms and its Farmers and Owners and are the responsibility and risk of the grower.

Please note that the comments and advice contained in our literature and on-line are not a guarantee of performance of any garlic seed product.  Any warranty / liability of East Ridge Farms and its Farmers & Owners is limited to the purchase price of the product. We do not assume the risk of non-performance, reduced performance,
crop damage, or soil contamination or infection (including but not limited to fungal, bacterial, parasitic, viral or etc) arising from the use of our garlic.

We DO NOT make any claims that our garlic is disease free.

If upon delivery of your garlic, you find it to be unsatisfactory, we will replace the garlic or credit you the price of the garlic, within 10 days of purchase.

If you do not agree with the above, please do not buy our garlic.

  • Available the middle of September  
  • $16.00/per LB                                       

Characteristics of Red Russian Garlic:  Red Russian hardneck garlic has an average of 4-5 cloves per bulb.  It is a cold hearty garlic that can put up with soggy BC winters as long as it is planted in raised beds.  It produces a scape that emerges in mid June which can be eaten or allowed to grow to maturity into umbel/bulbils (bulbils can be eaten or planted). Our strain stores well and when harvested in July/August will store until December/January under proper conditions.  Red Russian garlic should be planted in the fall.  There are two types of Red Russian garlic: the rocambole type and the marbled purple stripe type... I believe ours is of the marbled purple stripe variety.  

What does Red Russian Garlic Taste Like?Red Russian garlic is a medium to hot garlic that sweetens when baked.  It has a very "full bodied" flavor and it is sure to please the most discerning of garlic connoisseurs.  It is a great all round garlic that is excellent when baked in the oven, used as a garlic for garlic bread, used in recipes, soups, stews, roasts and more!  Your imagination is the limit.