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This year we will be planting a variety of single stem Sunflowers, Zinnias and snap dragons.  Flowers will be ready middle of July and available until late fall.  Follow social media for updates on when we have fresh cut flower bouquets available from our farmstand!  Scroll over the images below too see what we're growing and prices.  I'll be adding new flowers to the list as they grow... this year if they work out, some statice, celosia, lupins and salvia!

2024 Available Flowers & Price List :

Naturally Grown  Flowers

EAST RIDGE FARMS will be growing FLOWERS once again in 2024!  Our flowers will be grown using organic practices, without synthetic/chemical fertilizer and without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.  I welcome any suggestions on what types of flowers you think I should grow! What kinds would you like to be able to purchase fresh from the farm?  Note, once in bloom, flowers can be purchased directly from our farm stand and are also available for sale to local florists. 

Flowers should be available mid summer until the first frost.

Follow us on social media to know what is available!