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​​Garlic Order Form:

NOTE: We are SOLD OUT of Garlic (tablestock, seedstock & braids) for 2023.    

In 2023 we will NOT be shipping any orders outside of B.C. in order to create a stronger local community around our farm and encourage the support of your local farmers.

Also note, our we have downsized our garlic crop significantly so there will be much less garlic available for 2023. Most likely, we will be imposing a 5LB max purchase per customer rule and 1/4LB min. 

How to purchase our garlic*This will be changing in 2023*

1) At our roadside stand. Come visit our farm! Garlic will be available at our farmstand on certain days/times in September to be announced on social media.  It will no longer be stocked for self serve like our other vegetables.  Look for our "Farm Stand" sign on Dewdney Trunk Road & 267th st. and our "Farmstand" sign on 267th at the farm gate.  There are parking spaces infront of the hedge along 267th St.  Or google map "East Ridge Farms" and we should come up!  Cash is Preferable, please bring exact change if you can OR you can send an e-transfer to

4) Online. Braid orders only. Fill out the form below.  

​​How to Buy Our Garlic

NOTE: in 2023 we are changing things up and NOT taking garlic bulb (table stock or seed) orders.  

We will be selling our garlic bulbs (table stock & seed) in a "Garlic Fest" style at the farm on specific weekends in September 2023, with purchase limits per family TBD.  

We will take garlic braid orders, but quantities are limited this year. 

We will start accepting garlic braid orders for the 2023 season August 20th 2023.  Any orders received before that date will NOT be processed.  Garlic braid orders will be shipped or picked up between October 1st and 31st 2022.

If you live outside of Maple Ridge and cannot pick up, we will have the garlic shipped to you, via Canada Post Regular Mail and payment method will be E-transfer.  We currently do not accept credit card payments.  At this time we do not deliver outside of Canada.  If you are outside of BC, consider your carbon footprint, and try to buy local if you can. 

(Delivery will cost extra). 

​Liability Statement

​Garlic bulbs and cloves are live products, and your success in growing our garlic depends on many factors including the weather and the skills and practices of the grower (such as soil preparation, proper planting technique, irrigation, crop rotation and weed control). These factors are completely out of the control of East Ridge Farms and its Farmers and Owners and are the responsibility and risk of the grower.

Please note that the comments and advice contained in our literature and on-line are not a guarantee of performance of any garlic seed product.  Any warranty / liability of East Ridge Farms and its Farmers & Owners is limited to the purchase price of the product. We do not assume the risk of non-performance, reduced performance,
crop damage, or soil contamination (including but not limited to fungal, bacterial, parasitic, pathogenic, viral or etc.) arising from the use of our garlic seed products. We DO NOT gaurantee that our garlic seed is disease free.

If upon delivery of your garlic seed, you find it to be unsatisfactory, we will replace the garlic seed or
credit you the price of the garlic, within 7 days of purchase.

If you do not agree with the above, please do not buy our seed.